Meet Your CSVs


CSVs are your Chapter Support Volunteers. They are due paying members of Babywearing International. They help run our annual auction, admin the Facebook group, run errands, make calls, and whatever else is needed. You’ll often be dealing with a CSV at meetings when you sign in and check out a carrier.

So let’s meet our chapter CSVs!

12998517_10102208288564061_8993086257824993916_nMy name is Mary and I’m a mom of two beautiful girls. Hannah is almost 8 and Amelia is almost 2. I started baby wearing with Hannah and used a DIY moby. When Amelia came along I knew I wanted an ergo and was gifted one at the baby shower. I work part time at Happy Girls and that is where I met and joined the group. The rest is history! I’m currently a CSV, and plan to become an educator soon!


Amanda BHi, my name is Amanda. I’m a stay at home mom of 5. I started babywearing when my youngest who is 2 was a baby. It has been a great way to keep up with my big kids and keep the little one close. I wish I had discovered babywearing sooner.


emmaI’m currently a stay at home Mum living in Goldsboro, NC. Originally from London, England, I am loving being a parent and exploring living in a new culture. Babywearing has been a huge boon to me- it really changes the whole parenting game! I also love having the support of BWI, the opportunity to try new carriers and make new Mum friends, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Aside from baby wearing, I love crafting (I used to be a craft/arts teacher), photography, baking/cooking and reading.


My name is Ramona and I’m mom to Bryce 3 and Aria 1. I love babywearing because it allows me to hold my daughter as much as she wants ( which is all the time) and still keep up with my son. I teach Kindermusik once a week but most days I’m home with my kids.

If you’re interested in become a CSV, contact the chapter through Facebook or by email.


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