How to Use Our Lending Library

One of the most common questions we get is how to utilize our extensive lending library! We’ve got a variety of mei tais, soft structured carriers, ring slings, and wraps available to help caregivers find a carrier that works. We are constantly adding new carriers too!

Anyone who attends any of our monthly meetings is welcomed to try on any of our lending library carriers. Just show up and play. How great is that?!

At this time we only do lending library carrier check outs at our monthly meetings. BWI of Greater Greenville NC members who are in good standing are able to borrow any available carrier for a month at no additional cost. Non-members can borrow carriers that are not member exclusives for one month for a $10 fee. We cannot guarantee any carrier availability at any of our meetings since we do use the same library for all three meeting locations and occasionally have to pull out carriers for inspection, cleaning, etc. We do not allow the same carrier to be checked out two months in a row by the same person so we can help as many people as possible.

All carriers are due back at the following month’s meeting. If you cannot return a checked out carrier at the next month’s meeting, you are responsible for returning it to the librarian before that meeting, in person or by mail. Carriers that are no returned by their due date incur a $5 per week late fee.

The full lending library agreement can be read on our membership application form.



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