Jacksonville Kick Off Meeting!!!

Hi Everyone!! We are so so so excited to be having a kick off meeting in Jacksonville! It will be 2/14/18 at 10:30 Am At American Eco-Baby & Diaper service 1939 Unit 400 Lejeune Blvd..  American Eco-Baby & Diaper Service will be providing coffee and donuts! And we will be giving 10% Off memberships for everyone who joins the day of the meeting! So please come have a donut and coffee, Get some free babywearing education, Become a member and check out from our lending library!


International Babywearing Week

It almost September! And you know what that means?? We are almost a month away from International Babywearing week!!

This year it will be October 2nd-8th. The theme is threaded together, it was inspired by the fact that the carriers we use to carry our babies were at one point woven together. Which symbolizes our community of caregivers woven together creating a global community of babywearers.

We are excitedly planning our celebrations for the week. What kind of activities would you all like to see this year?

We Have a Phone Number!

Hello fellow babywearers! Are you someone who doesn’t have a facebook? Or no access to internet? Then this is what you’ve been looking for! You can now contact us via text or voicemail with our new phone number! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any point if you need assistance. We are here to help you! (252) 493-6594

Text Reminders

Do you always seem to find out about the meeting at your location after the meeting has already happened that month? Or do you get caught up with life and forget? Or maybe you don’t have facebook to see the events. We have a solution!

We are now sending out text reminders the night before a meeting or event!

If Greenville is your home location sign up using this code.



If New Bern is your home location use this code to sign up.New Bern


If Goldsboro is your home location use this code to sign up. goldsboro


And Finally, If Jacksonville is your home location

We are so excited about this new feature to help all our caregivers stay connected!







Summer Activities

Hello fellow babywearers!! It’s starting to get hot here in ENC! Which means lots of summer outdoor and water activities. Make sure you’re wearing safely in these coming summer months with these tips to keep you and baby from overheating. If you have some water activities planned don’t forget to check out the closest meeting spot for June (Meeting time and locations) and check out a water carrier! Each Library also has a breathable buckle carrier to help stay cool this summer!


Meet Your CSVs


CSVs are your Chapter Support Volunteers. They are due paying members of Babywearing International. They help run our annual auction, admin the Facebook group, run errands, make calls, and whatever else is needed. You’ll often be dealing with a CSV at meetings when you sign in and check out a carrier.

So let’s meet our chapter CSVs!

12998517_10102208288564061_8993086257824993916_nMy name is Mary and I’m a mom of two beautiful girls. Hannah is almost 8 and Amelia is almost 2. I started baby wearing with Hannah and used a DIY moby. When Amelia came along I knew I wanted an ergo and was gifted one at the baby shower. I work part time at Happy Girls and that is where I met and joined the group. The rest is history! I’m currently a CSV, and plan to become an educator soon!


Amanda BHi, my name is Amanda. I’m a stay at home mom of 5. I started babywearing when my youngest who is 2 was a baby. It has been a great way to keep up with my big kids and keep the little one close. I wish I had discovered babywearing sooner.


emmaI’m currently a stay at home Mum living in Goldsboro, NC. Originally from London, England, I am loving being a parent and exploring living in a new culture. Babywearing has been a huge boon to me- it really changes the whole parenting game! I also love having the support of BWI, the opportunity to try new carriers and make new Mum friends, I can’t recommend it highly enough. Aside from baby wearing, I love crafting (I used to be a craft/arts teacher), photography, baking/cooking and reading.


My name is Ramona and I’m mom to Bryce 3 and Aria 1. I love babywearing because it allows me to hold my daughter as much as she wants ( which is all the time) and still keep up with my son. I teach Kindermusik once a week but most days I’m home with my kids.

If you’re interested in become a CSV, contact the chapter through Facebook or by email.

Meet Your MBE & VBEs

VBEs are your Volunteer Babywearing Educators. They are due paying members of Babywearing International. While all of our volunteers spend countless hours behind the scenes keeping the group running, VBEs have also studied and been tested on their babywearing knowledge to ensure that the information they pass on to others is helpful, safe, and accurate. VBEs are the ones you see teaching at meetings since that is what they’ve been trained to do! VBEs hold officer positions within our chapter too.

So let’s meet our chapter MBE!

13235829_10153449022707121_773721664_nHello, my name is Jennie! I am our chapter’s current president! I usually travel to all three meetings each month, as I manage our library right now. I look forward to meeting you if I haven’t yet. I am married to my wonderful husband Adam, and we have a four year old son Aiden, therefore I love all things toddler-wearing! I have been wearing Aiden since birth in a variety of carriers. I received a lot of help from my sweet friend Jackie, and that’s what led me to where I am now. My undergrad degree is in Early Childhood Education, so my passion falls right in with our chapter! I am also now pursuing my masters degree. I love seeing and getting to know all of our caregivers, especially the little ones. In addition to volunteering with BWI, I also work part time as a Lactation Program Asst. My hobbies include music, watching trashy reality tv, binging on Netflix, and of course babywearing! If you ever need anything from me, please feel free to reach out.

So let’s meet our chapter VBEs!


13177925_10156864222955335_1412241768264672255_nHi, I’m Denise. I’m a stay at home mom of 3 children. My daughter Kirsten is 8 and my twin boys, Emerson and Greyson, are 1 1/2. I found out about babywearing while I was pregnant with my boys and started as soon as they were born. Babywearing has made it possible for our family to function day to day with twin boys. I was lucky enough to be approved as a VBE recently and I can’t wait to help out with our chapter!


Hi everybody! My name is Amanda and I’m based in New Bern, NC. I was introduced to babywearing by a friend in Florida long before I was pregnant and I knew it was something that I wanted to do. Now my daughter Victoria is two years old and I wear her as much as I can (and as much as she’ll let me). I’m primarily a stay at home mom but you can also find me working with the businesse that my husband and I own, Open Aperture Photography. I decided to become a VBE because of my love for babywearing and the joy I get helping a caregiver get comfortable and confident carrying their babies. If you see me, come say hi!


13241349_10201687609988949_7626923814030111462_nHi, my name is Desiré. I’m a stay at home mom of 5 children and I’m a student. We live in Goldsboro and have been here for 2.5 years. I joined the group while I was pregnant and have been Babywearing for nearly 4 years. I started wearing my nearly 4 year old when she was a baby and now I wear my 16 month old as well as my 5 year old. Babywearing has made my life so much easier because I get to be hands free and get things done. I really enjoy our group and wanted to be more involved, so I became a VBE.

Anyone who wants to become a VBE must first be a CSV and go through our training program. If you’re interested in becoming a VBE, please contact the chapter about becoming an CSV and going through the program!


Did you know that your favorite babywearing group is a part of AmazonSmile’s program?! Well, we are! There’s no extra cost for you, but by shopping through smile.amazon.com you can help us. If you’ve never used AmazonSmile you’ll be asked to select a charitable organization on your first visit. If you are a regular user of AmazonSmile you can go “Change Your Charity” though “My Account” once signed in. Search for Babywearing International of Greater Greenville NC. A chapter will pop up that reads Babywearing International Inc. with location in Snow Hill, NC. That’s us! Shop as normal through smile.amazon.com and Amazon will donate .5% of eligible purchases to our group. How easy is that?!

How to Use Our Lending Library

One of the most common questions we get is how to utilize our extensive lending library! We’ve got a variety of mei tais, soft structured carriers, ring slings, and wraps available to help caregivers find a carrier that works. We are constantly adding new carriers too!

Anyone who attends any of our monthly meetings is welcomed to try on any of our lending library carriers. Just show up and play. How great is that?!

At this time we only do lending library carrier check outs at our monthly meetings. BWI of Greater Greenville NC members who are in good standing are able to borrow any available carrier for a month at no additional cost. Non-members can borrow carriers that are not member exclusives for one month for a $10 fee. We cannot guarantee any carrier availability at any of our meetings since we do use the same library for all three meeting locations and occasionally have to pull out carriers for inspection, cleaning, etc. We do not allow the same carrier to be checked out two months in a row by the same person so we can help as many people as possible.

All carriers are due back at the following month’s meeting. If you cannot return a checked out carrier at the next month’s meeting, you are responsible for returning it to the librarian before that meeting, in person or by mail. Carriers that are no returned by their due date incur a $5 per week late fee.

The full lending library agreement can be read on our membership application form.